Lost Dream’s art

Some people say art is only beauty, rather Lost Dream wants to question and highlight tortured humain nature.
Beauty is not the only aim, sometimes disturbing subjects meet graphic scenes with vivid colors which remind us psychedelic and pop art influences.
She uses dreamy subjects which become nightmares.
Her artwork is a mix of dark art with psychedelic patterns. Horror and macabre merge into kawaii elements. Two areas come across, ancient european’s art and 21th century pop and dark culture.

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Lost dream is specialized in Graphic Design and illustration,
she is also a painter. She paints on canvas and customizes randoms items like shoes, skateboards, trinkets… She also creates her own unique sculptures and objects. She does commissions for companies as well as private individuals.

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How does it work ?

1) To get a good understanding of your project we need to establish specifications and then you will get a quote.
2) When you validate and sign the quote, a concrete proposal will be presented.
3) After your validation, it is time to manufacture your project until its completion.
4) When the project is complete a follow-up will be provided.

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Always dreaming never get down on the ground

A Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a souvenir or some unusual and unique artworks to decorate your house ? Discover her shop you can find original paintings, prints, customised and decorated objects, homemade jewelry and more…


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